Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I know right? I bet you guys are going, LIES AND DECEIT!!!
Well truth be told, I've been working on the battle system very painfully slow. But after the whole Advent Cirno problem I decided to work on it for a while until things get sorted out and if I feel like animating those awfully huge sprites at least the ones in Sacred Moon are bearable and hopefully won't take me a day or two just to do one pose.

With that said I leave for a while and finish the barebones and update you guys once again when I'm ready :3

Progress Report:

Title Screen -100%
Menu HUD Concept -100%
Battle System Concept -100%
Sideview Navigation System - 98%

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Hatsuya Kanzaki said...

Say, I like the new Title Screen of the Sacred Moon. You won't be like the Duke Nukem Forever, but more likely a Gran Turismo 5 [FULL] in RM Scene, since you're doing significant progress in it!