Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh what the hell?

Yes it's still alive I'm just updating Division Heaven blog mostly ._.
I've been talking to Elagune a few days ago and how my scripter mysteriously stopped talking to me (only to find out patapon 2 english is released I believe) and I was like oh well graphics, graphics, graphics!

Then I decided that if I got tired of it I'll work on Sacred Moon at the same time (story wise) so that Elagune could spice it up and do the character designs and that his vacation is incoming. And yeah it was fun.

I also decided to move it in XP unless I can do some miracle in VX. But yeah, XP it is. 2k3 is giving me a lot of problems such as transparency and hard mode on everything (even though I love 2k3, I fell in love with XP/VX's flexibility specially art wise)

Progress Report:

Portraits Done Colored:


Portraits Done

Finished Concept Design:

Finished Chapter
Path Breaking Chapter (4-5 parts)
Path A Chapter I

And yes we did a lot I guess :)