Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Huge Clean Up

Well I was listing characters for my concept artist (Thank God I found someone to help me design these characters) and then it occurred to me that most of them doesn't have enough info so off they go, don't hate me guys, characters with vague info is borderline excessive and most of them would've forgotten about this anyway :(

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Active doh XD

I haven't updated for a while oh gosh, I'm sorry everyone, schedule and school has been really hectic nowadays and most likely I'm working on the template upto now :(

At least I'm working haha, wish I could find a graphics partner though =_=;
Will update soon enough :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Just to let everyone know, this project isn't really cancelled really but I did plan on taking a break.

I guess I might as well say I was furious yesterday because of certain events so I just said it's cancelled and see what might happen, I made a bet with myself, if I got more angry yesterday, I'll stop game making altogether and will quit GW but if things worked out, I'll resume to make this and forget all that happen, it's just things have been bad for me and my friends and Neo_Prime couldn't help me since he's depressed, I'm depressed everyone has issues so I got carried away yesterday. However I did speak the truth about the problems that I had. I'm sorry for the trouble everyone, I'm glad that I managed to calm down yesterday because of the support *bows for thanking*

Friday, August 8, 2008

And so it has come to this....

I have never been so depressed and tired in my entire life, I spent most of my vacation time looking for a spriter that could help me and I did, but what happened, some people have to chase him away, I can't contact him anymore thank you guys thank you, this is the kind of support that I needed to continue this game, and I can't even talk to people that actually supports me properly, people love to give me a hard time and make me trip over and bleed and look over places once again at ground zero, this is such a rewarding thing to do, I had never been so unmotivated and lashed in my entire life, I spend most of my time making this game but people keep giving me a hard time....

Why are you guys doing this to me *weeps*

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sacred Earth -Revisited!-

So, I finally finished SEB, I felt that I left a piece of my heart when the game ended since I felt realllllllllyyyyy sad. It's one of those feelings when you enjoyed a game and it ended and yeah, it doesn't have bad ending depending on what you do btw XD, I love it tbh, it's simple yet effective, music really contributes too!

(Will you believe me that this wimpy brother is actually the most useful party member if developed right?)

And I'm probably the only person saying this but, Gunnar is so awesome! Veili is ok I guess, Priel is good on her own and has the best FB, damn you!!! Patchoulli is basically my healer other than that I leave her alone XD

Ok so what sums up SEB?

A game with hard bosses and at some point, unforgiving puzzles that will require you to use your dexterity at best (Hint: It's in a purple stage, you'll know what I mean) and normal enemies CAN kill you if you're not careful.

You've got to be kidding me Skie ...
(You'll win this easily if you have the same stats as me hehe)

The art is...BEAUTIFUL! (cast away the crappy art I made for it, Remocholy's just too good) and we have a fair share amount of GAR guys, Voice actors are smexy, I love the voices, they're original btw and who knows where Skie got her arsenal of good people (aside from what I know that most of them are her friends)

(Poor Melodia)

The characters have pretty nice dialogue too, and I can see they all have personalities, I can't wait for Sacred Earth Light! I want to see what's in there~ I'll leave you guys with a parting screen.

(We are being wiped on the floor and you guys are just sitting around and betting?!)

Ok, something Sacred Moon related, Aten, fixed my walking sprite, thank you Aten~
And now with my new found coloring skillz I have to redraw every single portrait, oh man...