Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whoa! It's an update!

So for the past few days I was thinking on how to update this thing since all I have been doing is helping Skie out for Sacred Earth Bonds and Aten for his Legend of Vanadia game as well.

So I updated The Characters Section with an Arcana 13's Naenia Riviera and The Illusionists Gutts Rosiel profiles, what's worst is that Blogger is giving me some troubles for uploading stuff for a while but it was ok.

I was supposed to post a little bit later until a concerned friend pmed me to tell me about updating this blog, to make up for the lost time here I am updating this thing,

I'm so sorry if it's so overdue, I've been researching a lot and even looked over cars such as Honda Launches the VCM643. And the script is 1/3 done waaa!

The system however is 50% (meaning all that's left is the menu and battle system) ah well, this is hard, we have to modify a lot of stuff, I have to finish sprites too waaa. Well then, I might update again tomorrow.

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