Monday, July 21, 2008

Slow Progress is Slow

Basically I have no updates for now due to the fact that some stuff just happens. Well I don't think I can work on SM nor have enough free time for this. Why?

Well, to put it simply, since I failed two major subjects last term (Math and Physics) my dad decided a course of action of not letting us use the computer and focus more on studying after dinner, well to put it simply,

School = finishes at 3-3:20 pm
Home = 3-4:40 - (Free Time)
Chores (e.g. cooking <.<) = ?????
Dinner = usually 6 pm
Study = 7-9:30 pm or till we drop dead.

Sorry guys, unless I miraculously activate my right side of the brain at least 30% capacity you won't be seeing me for a while and I mean it, so good day/night~

I'll try my hardest to keep up with school~

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