Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sacred Earth ZOMG!!

It was a normal day, I was quietly looking for references for character designs.
When suddenly, the cold hearted Skie Fortress announced that Sacred Earth Bonds is... 100% Utterly COMPLETE

My heart leaped with joy, the sheer amount of happiness force filled me all at once, and suddenly I blurted, "LET ME BETA TEST IT PLEEAAASSEEE"

Alzilory, my love *fangirlish squeal* The voice, the looks, the personality, is all too perfect <3
Unfortunately, this game has led me into despair due to some certain bugs that thankfully got fixed. Did I mention that this game has godawful hard bosses? (probably since that thing happened and I got my face wipe the floor 15x due to 1 hit KO)

'Tis is a game to wait for! I swear! It's just too good <3

More to come! I will share my thoughts here once I finish all school work :D

P.S. Started on Female Template :3

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