Saturday, July 12, 2008

Added someone again

Ok, this is a consecutive update, oh wow. I added another person to the character list! Now to redraw some portraits =_=

It took me a while since I got distracted at RMN once again. Is it me or whenever I do work something or someone will distract me? Ah well! At least SEB is almost done, I can't wait!!


PTizzle said...

Hey Ness, new blog looks nice!

Teaser shot down the bottom is very impressive.

Just wanted to let you know me and L haven't stopped working - we have a few new tracks for you. Just figured we'd send fewer updates with more stuff in each so you don't get bogged down through reading them! We have a boss theme and a couple short things that we'll run past you to see what you think and we'll fix them from there.

Hope all is good,


Archeia Nessiah said...

Hi Ptizzle! It's alright! I know you guys are quite busy too X3

Thing's been slow anyway so it's no surprise if both of us are really slow :D