Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sacred Earth ZOMG!!

It was a normal day, I was quietly looking for references for character designs.
When suddenly, the cold hearted Skie Fortress announced that Sacred Earth Bonds is... 100% Utterly COMPLETE

My heart leaped with joy, the sheer amount of happiness force filled me all at once, and suddenly I blurted, "LET ME BETA TEST IT PLEEAAASSEEE"

Alzilory, my love *fangirlish squeal* The voice, the looks, the personality, is all too perfect <3
Unfortunately, this game has led me into despair due to some certain bugs that thankfully got fixed. Did I mention that this game has godawful hard bosses? (probably since that thing happened and I got my face wipe the floor 15x due to 1 hit KO)

'Tis is a game to wait for! I swear! It's just too good <3

More to come! I will share my thoughts here once I finish all school work :D

P.S. Started on Female Template :3

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Pistol Moustache (Ptizzle and L) just send me a track yesterday! It's so awesome *jumps in joy*
Unfortunately, I can't show my progress here (sprite template) as of yet, since I'm greedy, yes, I don't want to show anything hehehehehehehe....*ninjaplot*

I want things to be a secret until I have enough confidence, thank you for the people that keeps looking at this empty(?) blog, I promise to post stuff soon :3

Monday, July 21, 2008

Slow Progress is Slow

Basically I have no updates for now due to the fact that some stuff just happens. Well I don't think I can work on SM nor have enough free time for this. Why?

Well, to put it simply, since I failed two major subjects last term (Math and Physics) my dad decided a course of action of not letting us use the computer and focus more on studying after dinner, well to put it simply,

School = finishes at 3-3:20 pm
Home = 3-4:40 - (Free Time)
Chores (e.g. cooking <.<) = ?????
Dinner = usually 6 pm
Study = 7-9:30 pm or till we drop dead.

Sorry guys, unless I miraculously activate my right side of the brain at least 30% capacity you won't be seeing me for a while and I mean it, so good day/night~

I'll try my hardest to keep up with school~

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Added someone again

Ok, this is a consecutive update, oh wow. I added another person to the character list! Now to redraw some portraits =_=

It took me a while since I got distracted at RMN once again. Is it me or whenever I do work something or someone will distract me? Ah well! At least SEB is almost done, I can't wait!!

An Update As Promised!

I updated the character section again, from The Illusionists.

I guess there's nothing much to say. I was hold up by a friend and made me play a map! I have to repeat 2x because I cheated on the first play through by ctrl walking haha, other than that, I still need to color and draw a few more portraits. 37 more portraits to go...ugh!!

I am tired. Then I still have to sprite 40 people, just thinking about it makes me shiver ;-;
and there's the backgrounds, the script, the- the- the-

*goes insane*

I'll survive, hopefully ;-;
I'll save munney so I can make people sprite instead olololo.

And here's Nessiah signing off~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whoa! It's an update!

So for the past few days I was thinking on how to update this thing since all I have been doing is helping Skie out for Sacred Earth Bonds and Aten for his Legend of Vanadia game as well.

So I updated The Characters Section with an Arcana 13's Naenia Riviera and The Illusionists Gutts Rosiel profiles, what's worst is that Blogger is giving me some troubles for uploading stuff for a while but it was ok.

I was supposed to post a little bit later until a concerned friend pmed me to tell me about updating this blog, to make up for the lost time here I am updating this thing,

I'm so sorry if it's so overdue, I've been researching a lot and even looked over cars such as Honda Launches the VCM643. And the script is 1/3 done waaa!

The system however is 50% (meaning all that's left is the menu and battle system) ah well, this is hard, we have to modify a lot of stuff, I have to finish sprites too waaa. Well then, I might update again tomorrow.